FREE STD Dating Sites Reviews of 2020

When a person gets diagnosed with a specific type of sexually transmitted disease or STD, the mere thought of dating with STD can easily make them feel anxious and worried. Will they ever find love again? Will someone accept them despite their condition? Why is dating with STD so challenging and stressful? After STD diagnosis, a person will be worried about the judgments and criticisms of other people. They will be scared that they will spread their disease to their future partner. They might also be terrified how they will face the world. Good thing that today, dating with STD is no longer as scary as it used to be. Today, there are more singles with STD who are using STD dating websites to find and start a relationship.

Here at, we have reviewed some of the best STD dating websites out there to help you choose the right one for you.

#1 Positive Singles

Positive Singles

With more than 1.5 million users that continue to grow by the day, is considered as one of the biggest online dating community for people living with one or several STDs. While other dating websites for positive singles tend to focus on matching you only according to your specific medical condition, Positive Singles is uniquely designed to help people living with STD to discover others who are compatible with them not just based on the specific virus they got but also based on personality levels like astrological star sign compatibility or lifestyle preferences.

As a dating website in general, the site goes well beyond and above to offer a feature-packed and useful online dating experience. Some exceptional features include the 15-question section in your profile that lists your answers and the answers you expect from your match, the questions section on your profile with questions you want other members to answer, profile verification options, personalized one on one dating coaches, and more.


MPWH is the first ever and leading international HSV/Herpes dating community based in the United States with members from different parts of the world. MPWH offers complete access to their mobile site, PC site, iOS App, and Android App.

MPWH provides an exclusive platform for all positive singles who have been diagnosed with Genital Herpes or HSV-2 and Oral Herpes or HSV-1 to find support and love. MPWH is a dating community for herpes only that filters out other forms of STDs like HIV/AIDs, HPV, and others. MPWH is always chosen as the number one choice of herpes singles when looking for friends, support, and love.

MPWH offers privacy and anonymity to its users in placing a profile with personal information. The platform’s strong settings for privacy will help you ensure that unwanted herpes singles will not be able to view your photos and profile. MPWH is exclusively for herpes singles and those with other forms of STD cannot join. MPWH is solely focused on people who share one thing in common, and that is living with herpes.

#3 STD Friends

STD Friends

It can be very challenging to start and maintain a relationship if you are living with STD, whether it is romance or just friendship. is a famous dating and support site that makes life so much easier for those who have STDs. is so much more than being a mere dating platform meant to help people find other likeminded positive singles who have the same issue as yours.

The scope of the website extends to publishing articles and blogs, finding advice and support, and meeting new friends whom you can share your concerns and problems with. This STD dating website is composed of thousands of members that form a string network for making the world a much better and happier place for positive singles. STD Friends works just like your usual social networking websites when it comes to like pictures, sending friend requests, and chatting with other members. This makes it the perfect choice for singles who are beginners in the online dating world. Everything about is pretty intuitive.

#4 STD Soulmates

STD Soulmates

As more people fall victims to different STDs, it has become even more challenging for them to find love and companionship. is an online dating site with the purpose of bringing these people together to help them find love and friendship while giving support to one another. provides HIV dating, herpes dating, and HPV dating for free so it is very easy for you to browse through profiles to find your ideal match. Aside from the fact that members can find love and friends through interacting with one another, they can support and understand each other at the same time. STD Soulmates also provides support to people who have STDs through sharing articles and information which can help them in going through their struggles.

STD Soulmates is among the best STD dating websites today that offers the ideal social platform for people who suffer from HPV, HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, HSV-2, and HSV-1. The members can also get in touch with one another with the use of the extensive array of features at no cost.

#5 H Werks

H Werks is a dating site exclusively made for people who suffer from herpes. This serves as a sensitive environment that connects people with others who have the same struggle and are desperately searching for deep relationships and not only romantic relationships but possibly friendships that will last for a long time.

The structure of the website is mainly for the advantage of the members who are dealing with the toll of herpes every single day. They provide a single-time expense sign up wherein complete access to the social network is made available. Friendships, love, and support are only a single click away. also does a great job in not just developing a successful dating site but also forming a community for people who have a sensitive condition. This goes above and beyond its efforts for its members as it manages the site with compassion to all people who join. The best way for you to know the quality of its community and service is to give the site a try yourself. is definitely a website worth a try.

#6 Herpes Anonymous

Herpes Anonymous is a free support and dating community meant for those who live with herpes. It is a herpes dating website that is also open to people suffering from other forms of STDs. This provides an anonymous environment for positive singles to meet and interact with their potential friends, lovers, pen-pal, and even sexual partners and others.

It is an online herpes dating website which functions pretty much like other popular social networking websites such as Facebook. The members can be a friend to other users by establishing a connection with them and receiving updates on any changes on their profile. Users can also leave comment on the profiles of other members and leave comments on the photo galleries hosted on the profiles of the users, too. You can find chat rooms and extensive FAQ section. is a free herpes dating website where you can also choose to upgrade to premium membership. Users that become registered members can use the site’s ultimate features to connect with fellow members who have the same concerns.

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