Herpes Anonymous Review

Herpes Anonymous

HerpesAnonymous.com – Be Happy with Herpes Dating

If you are affected with herpes and it makes you feel alone and lonely, there is nothing you should worry about. With the growing number of the sites affected with herpes, you can find your match with whom you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Fortunately, HerpesAnonymous.com is a website that has a strong platform to support singles with herpes. A dating community and a social community, you will surely find your happiness with HerpesAnonymous.com as you will be surrounded with people who judge you and will understand you instead.


There is no fee to join the website. It is free to join and you can enjoy its unique features. Unlike other dating sites, there is no platinum or gold membership to avail. You can just fill in the details in the form and you can get started with HerpesAnonymous.com.

HerpesAnonymous.com charges $7 for 1-month membership. For $19, you can enjoy paid membership for 3 months. For $70, you can enjoy a year worth of membership.


HerpesAnonymous.com offers different options to refine and filter your searches. You will see the diversity in profiles once you logged in. But, to personalize your list, you may use 4 refining options that HerpesAnonymous.com has given to its users. Every member is given a particular identification number for profiles. If you knew someone from their ID, you may just enter their ID in the search bar to locate them. While uploading your information for registering, you need to mention your nickname through which you’ll be called in the website. There’s another way you could search the person through picking his nickname.

Another feature of HerpesAnonymous.com is its social support. HerpesAnonymous.com is more than just a dating site. It is also more like a social networking group where you could share your thoughts, then post them through blogs. You may also comment on some posts that are written by some members. The website introduces you to a wide group of individuals who could be your friends, potential lovers, penpals, and sexual partners.

As HerpesAnonymous.com provides you lots of information, you may expect to get yourself educated with various kinds of STDs and ways on how to deal with them in an effective manner.

Editor’s Verdict

HerpesAnonymous.com is a free dating website. There aren’t any charges to register your profile and upgrade it to premium membership. Each user becomes a registered member and can make use of the best features that the website offers to everyone who hopes to connect with some members who have the same issues. As the website is free, there are numerous singles who sign up every day. However, there aren’t many active users who can befriend them.

After submitting your profile for approval, its admin support takes a few days to authenticate your account. This problem makes it inconvenient for some who want to get started as soon as possible. But, you can be assured online dating is much easier with HerpesAnonymous.com.

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