STD Soulmates Review

STD Soulmates – The Best Dating Portal to Find Your STD Soulmates

With many people falling prey to different STDs, it becomes harder for them to find love and companionship. Luckily, there is an online dating site called It aims to bring people together so that they could find love and friendship while supporting one another. offers services for those who are interested in HIV dating, Herpes dating, and HPV dating at no cost. It is easy to search through some profiles to get an ideal match.

While some members can find love and friends by interacting with others, they can also support and understand each other. also extends support to those who have STDs through sharing articles and information that could help them through their struggles.


The services and features are free at It doesn’t have various types of membership for users. All users may enjoy every feature being offered without requiring you to pay any amount of money.


  • It uses tags for searching different member profiles. Such tags are the words that different members have selected to describe themselves. Various tag words used are fun, loyal, compassionate, outgoing, caring, and so on.
  • offers a social platform for those who want to overcome their insecurities through supporting one another.
  • Users may select to interact with one another through sending emails.
  • Members may add photos and view other members’ photos.
  • The section for STD news offers the latest articles on different STDs from across the globe. This section is updated on a regular basis and offers users all relevant STD news. The user may select to browse through different headlines and read articles in detail.
  • Users may invite their contacts or friends to be part of the dating community.
  • Members may select to add some videos to their profile.
  • Members may also find some links to some helpful products that’d go a long way to help them with their overall health condition.

Editor’s Verdict tries to be a platform that can be used by anyone affected with STDs. Even if this dating site doesn’t charge you with anything while joining, the design and navigation of the site might have been a bit better to catch more people’s attention. Interactive web pages can add some elegance and colors to it.

But, it serves as member’s reference guide and can be helpful for those who are stuck with hepatitis, HIV, HSV-2, HSV-1, and HPV. There’s a committed section for the blogs where members keep posting their experiences, vies, and information they have come across. Many members who signed up are online and active most of the time. It’s a good sign as you could interact with some and check out preferences.

Since it costs nothing, you might find some fake profiles as well as unrealistic members. There’s also a dedicated customer support group and feedback forms, which may be filled on the homepage. Regardless of what you’re searching for, can provide you an opportunity to meet and date someone who can support and understand you.

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